We believe in activating young citizens through education to find holistic solutions to climate change. Youth Climate Camps are spaces where students meet to develop innovative solutions to a local climate challenge with the support of mentors and methodological tools. These transformative educational experiences empower 12-18 year-old students to better understand the global climate reality while generating ideas for a more sustainable future. The Camps are implemented by creating diverse groups of stakeholders, including local politicians and entrepreneurs, who provide input and support. 

Challenges selected for the Camps can range from waste reduction, clean energy or sustainable mobility to reducing inequality, improving health, eliminating hunger and more. 


The Climate Action Academy is a virtual training program on climate change and green solutions for educators who teach 7th to 12th grade students. The aim of this program is to prepare educators to teach about climate change in their classroom in an action-oriented and interdisciplinary way.

The month-long online training provides facts, stories and perspectives on the climate crisis, motivates teachers to take action for a sustainable future and shares educational tools for innovation. The resources offered include visual and didactic tools that refer to systemic- and design-thinking, storytelling, creativity, and teamwork. Participants are mentored to design lesson plans, classroom activities and institutional programs to  face emerging educational and environmental challenges. They also join an international network of climate action changemakers and earn a certificate from Climate-KIC.

The service provides complementary guides for teachers and educators to help integrate innovation and climate action into the current school curriculum, regardless of the subject.

Youth Climate Camps 

Climate Action Academy 


Climate Action Labs

This product supports the transformation and regeneration of educational institutions and the incubation of climate laboratories or academies within them. Given the need for institutions and companies to  reinvent themselves to prepare future generations to adapt to and solve the challenges of the 21st century, this service consists of methodologies, tools, networks and interdisciplinary decision-making  perspectives to address the climate and social crises at hand.

Through this process of accompaniment, specialized methods to maintain constant improvement and regeneration in relation to climate change within the organization are identified. These methods vary according to the need and resources of the beneficiary/client, but Climate Action Labs often specialize in a specific area such as water management or food waste.

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