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Climate Dialogue: Dr. Andy Dobson
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Climate Dialogue: Dr. Andy Dobson

Andy Dobson is a Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University since 1990. He is an ecologist whose research focuses on the role that pathogens and diseases play in natural ecosystems. He initiated growing up on the edge of the Scottish Highlands where he first became interested in Natural History. He was an undergraduate at Imperial College, London University and did his Phd at Oxford on “The Mortality Rate of British Birds”. His research involves a mixture of field work, mathematical models, and data analysis. Andy has worked on conservation and disease issues in Serengeti, Tanzania and on similar issues in Yellowstone for the last 30 years. He also works on emerging pathogens and the ecological and economic conditions that lead to these outbreaks. He teaches ‘Ecology and Evolution of Parasites’ at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama each Spring which has led to the development of collaborations with STRI scientists on the role that pathogens and parasites play in maintaining diversity in tropical forests. He has long term interests in the evolution of social systems in primates, elephants, and carnivores and how this impacts the population dynamics of their interactions with parasites and human exploitation. Andy is A.D. White Professor at Cornell University collaborating with scientists at the Laboratory of Ornithology and external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute where he works on problems in complexity: how parasites impact the structure of food webs and models for the immune system. He also uses time in Santa Fe to write ecological books for a broader audience. Fun Fact: Andy’s 1996 book “Conservation and Biodiversity” was made into an Imax film “Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance”, directed by Bailey Silleck and narrated by Harrison Ford. Learn from more experts like Andy Dobson in the upcoming cohort of the Climate Action Academy:
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