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Chile’s first Young Climathon inspires climate leadership

Updated: May 26, 2021

On 28 November 2019, the Young Innovators programme shared its methodologies with the city of Linares, Chile, for the first Young Climathon outside the European continent.

Co-hosted by social innovation platform 2811 and in collaboration with Linares-based Hualo Foundation, the event explored innovative learning tools for educators and students to address the power of activism to create change in their local community.

As a small city with few financial resources, Linares is situated in the world’s most unequal country with an environment severely vulnerable to climate change. It faces high levels of air pollution, desertification, and an agricultural crisis effecting public health, farming and migration patterns.

“Linares is a city that depends a lot on agriculture, so we have to take care, ask for a greater role of the state, but at the same time, as urban activists, build a better city,” commented 2811 Director Waldo Soto, who recently presented at COP25 in Madrid.

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